CV. Jaya Abadi Teknik

Agricultural Machinery

Selling Low-priced Agricultural Industry Machines
We are CV. Jaya Abadi Machinery as the center of our agricultural machinery factory produces and sells agricultural machinery for industry at low prices. The function of agricultural machinery is used to process various types of agricultural and plantation products in a way that is faster and easier to work on. The agricultural machines we have made are proven and tested for quality to help entrepreneurs in Indonesia to process agricultural and plantation products. Agricultural machines that we sell include: compost sieve farming machines, cracker printing machines, distillation machines for essential oil boilers, vco oil making machines, sago processing machines, rice threshing machines, coconut fiber processing machines, flour processing machines, grass chopper machines and various other types of agricultural machines. with the best quality and low prices. To get complete information you can see it through the agricultural machinery catalog below or can also contact us through our contacts.

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