Engine Oil-Boiler Distillation Asiri

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Specification of Engine Oil-Boiler Distillation Asiri

Asiri oils are oils that are produced from the rhizome, the leaves and wood. Asiri oils material in Indonesia very much. Indonesia is rich in plants that could produce oil asiri.

Asiri Oil Benefits
There are many benefits of essential oils, among others: as cosmetic ingredients due to harumnya, as drug therapy because of the aroma aromaterapaiaromaterapai, pharmaceutical, adding flavors to the plant, the flavor of cigarettes, SOAP, vegetable, candy pastisida karet, liniment, etc.


Distillation machine used to produce essential oils or oils of patchouli.



Distillation system boiler models we recommend. Because with this machine could be for distillation a variety of materials.
On the system of the boiler, the steam heat that carry oil produced from the boiler.
Distillation boiler system machine this can be for various kinds of raw materials essential oil, among other things:
Foliage, such as clove leaves, leaf niLam, betel leaf, leaf, leaves the kayumanis kayuputih, Kaffir lime leaves, leaf gandapura, sandalwood, celery leaves, etc.
Stalk, such as clove, stalk stalk gandapura, etc.
Fruit: cardamom, leather Kaffir lime, coriander, pepper, nutmeg, etc.
Rhizome, ginger Rhizome, eg: galingale, jeringau, akarwangi, turmeric, temulawak, etc.
Bast, for example: cinnamon bark, bark, etc. in masoyi
Wood, for example: cinnamon, eaglewood, etc.



SpeciesMr. Distillation Boiler Model Machine:


Capacity: 10 kg/process
Reactants: Stainless Steel tube
Fuel: LPG can be modified kerosene, firewood can be modified minyaktanah, firewood
Dimensions: 135x125x145 cm
Boiler: Ø 40 x 90 cm
Power: 300 Watts


Capacity: 50 kg/process
Reactants: Stainless Steel tube
Fuel: LPG can be modified kerosene, firewood can be modified oilland, leave the
Dimensions: 160x150x190 cm
Boiler: Ø 53 x 120 cm
Power: 300 Watts



Capacity: 100 kg/process
Reactants: Stainless Steel tube
Fuel: LPG can be modified kerosene, firewood can be modified kerosene, firewood
Dimensions: 180x170x230 cm
Boiler: Ø 75 x 122 cm
Power: 300 Watts



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