Machine Manufacture Of VCO Oil
Machine Manufacture Of VCO Oil
Machine Manufacture Of VCO Oil
Machine Manufacture Of VCO Oil
Machine Manufacture Of VCO Oil
Machine Manufacture Of VCO Oil
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13 Jul 2021
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Specification of Machine Manufacture Of VCO Oil

Machine Manufacture Of VCO Oil

Coconut oil pure coconut oil is treated with a special way and serve as the basic ingredients of herbal drugs and assorted products {such as SOAP, cosmetics, etc.}

We provide the machines to be used to facilitate and accelerate make pure coconut oil {VCO/VICO, virgin coconut oil}

Machinery makers of pure coconut oil {VCO} that we provide include:



Machine Pemcreate Oils VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil)
VCO Pack machine consists of several machines which are: Coconut, coconut milk Pemarut Squeezer VCO, Mixer, Quick, Fast Cooling, fluids, Vacuum Evaporator Sentrifuse.


1. Speifikasi Machine Pemarut of coconut:

• Capacity: 400 coconut/h equivalent 200 kg Coconut
• Dimensions: 88 x 46 x 82 cm
• Ingredients: grated, rollers, Hopper Outlet, Stainless Steel
• License Plate Frame: MS
• Motor: 1 PK
• Prices: Contact Us



2. Specification of Engine Extortionist coconut milk:

• Capacity: 100 kg/hour
• Power: 3 HP, 1 Phase
• Speed: 45 Rpm
• Dimensions: 120 x 100 x 60 cm
• Material: Full Stainleess unless order
• Prices: Contact Us


3. Engine specifications Mixer: VCO

• Capacity: 100 litres
• Speed: 1100 rpm
• Material: Prevents steel
• Propulsion: Electric Motor 2 PK
• Price: HOur ubungi



4. Quick Cooling Machine Specifications:

• Function: the engine coolant to the freezing process

• Capacity: 100 litres/hour
Dimensions: 175 x 125 x 100 cm
• Pump: ½ PK
• Cooling: 2 PK Kompesor
• Temperature: 6 ° C (Controlled Off. Start 10 ° C)
• Body: Stainless Steel
• Prices: Contact Us


5. Fast Heating Machine Specifications:

• Function: immerse kristal ice in coconut milk


• Capacity: 100 litres/process
• Tube: Double Jacket
• Heater: 800 watt (2 x)
• Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1.5 m
• Body: Stainless Steel
• Prices: Contact Us


6. Engine specifications: Sentrifuse

• The function of the centrifugal machine fluids is to separate the liquid from a different liquid, such as water with oil in the manufacture of VCO oil.

• Capacity: 18bottle 16liter/process
• Rotation: 800 rpm
• Comprehensiveness: Timer Set
• Material: Stainless Steel 304 2 mm
• Propulsion: Electric Motor 1 PK
• Prices: Contact Us



7. Vacuum Evaporator

• Function: to reduce the water content in the process of manufacture of VCO, cooking oil, milk, syrup, sweetened condensed

• Capacity: 100 lt/process
• Material: Steinless steel 312, 3 mm
• Speed: 60 Rpm
• Working Temperature: 60 ° C under controlled
• Heater: 800 Watt (3 x), double warm-up jacket
• Vacuum System:
• Prices: Contact Us




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1. The goods we sell 100% new
2. Warranty the warranty service & machine
3. after-sales Guarantee & spare parts
4. Special Discount for project tender

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